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Benz C Class (W205) diagnostic, coding & programming with SDS

The Chinese clone systems SD connect C4 work OK, but for the W205 you’re mostly dealing with diagnostic support. There are still things you can do such as teach-in processes etc, but for the W205, MB largely disabled support for offline coding using Xentry (well, not entirely, but effectively) , so to do any module software updates requires Online SCN, which needs a dealer...



How to solve SD CONNECT C4 gives me a 2173-11 fault in Xentry

My MB STAR C4 gives me a 2173-11 fault in Xentry. Does anyone know what that is and how to fix it? This post offers the solution. Solution 1: F:\Programm\Xentry\bin DAS config settings path2DASContextFile=$DAS_TEMP_DIR replaece to path2DASContextFile=F:\\userdata\\DAS This line originally path2DASContextFile = C: \ \ userdata...


Benz Ecom VS SD C4: new & old Benz diagnosis and programming

As the name suggest, Benz Ecom is for newest Benz diagnosis and programming. SD C4 is for older Benz diagnosis and programming. Highlights: Benz Ecom package comes with one dongle, one hard disk with software, activation via the Teamviewer. with DoIP function, the speed is faster and more stable   Benz Ecom VS SD Connect C4 Ecom Supports diagnostic software Xentry, ...


Clone Xentry / Das from HDD to SSD: OK

Question “I want to change the HDD in the Xentry/Das laptop. I have a new SSD drive. I was thinking about cloning the entire HDD using Acronis True Image. Will this work? Do I have to pay special attention to something? “.   The answer: YES As long as the SSD drive is the same or larger capacity And if success with cloning you will need a new Xentry key (charge extra...



How to fix Xentry tips: Fault code P012800

Here is my personal experience of Xentry tips platform,one thing i want to note for you all: I am not an expert on this subject.    On occasion I have had access and have looked up information on TIPS (always on-line). Recently, I was looking for information that I knew existed. It was not in TIPS. In the US version of STAR TekInfo all of this information is listed under the heading of...


How to install Elsawin 5.3 on Windows 7 32bit

  Elsawin 5.3 installation with success! I have installed ElsaWin 5.3 on Windows 7 Ultimate (32-bit) yesterday with success. All works fine. Elsawin 4.0 i was using no issue, it’s very cheap now:   Elsawin 5.2 i’ve ever used, works fine: also from this...


Launch M-Diag Lite mileage Test Car List

LAUNCH M-Diag Lite is an easy to use OBDII diagnostic tool designed with the professional technician in mind,Support multiple special function software and actuation tests incl. Oil / Service reset,  ABS bleeding, IMMO & key programming, throttle body adaptation, brake pads, steering angle reset, battery matching, DPF regeneration, Injector coding. Here is the LAUNCH M-Diag...


SD connect C4 PCB rework for Mercedes 24V 12V cars

Have any idea why MB SD connect C4 mux works only with 24V but no connection to 12V?   Customer solution… Here you go.   Try on your own risk!   some of the NEC Chips are Broken 4 PCs and same the small board power chip i Change it and now they work on 12V too i change the first line from left side Replace the chip SD connect C4 china clone with boards of high...


How to get VCM2 to work ok with Ford IDS & JLR SDD

How to get Ford IDS & JLR SDD work perfectly in/with one VCM2 clone… Here is a good case for reference: how to solve if VCM2 clone ok for IDS v96 but NOT ok for JLR SDD.   i have a clone vcm 2 that works ok for ford v96.02 i have installed jlr sdd v139 on an other computer but the vcm 2 is not recognized by jlr sdd program in the device manager the vcm 2 is shown as ETAS VCI USB...